Our Values

Our mission is to bring efficiency and quality to our clients needs’ through state-of-the-art services, enabling Captains and Crew to focus on their set work during the refit. We achieve this through providing a dedicated Project Manager.

We believe in delivering value through superior service following best practices and the highest quality standards. We ensure that our processes and methodology are compliant with the industry standards but, more importantly, we are focused on meeting your needs and ensuring the highest level of Yacht Owner satisfaction. This approach is in line with our vision to be a Premium Yacht Management Company.

Integrity and Transparency

Tramuntana Yacht Management is built on a foundation of open and honest communication. As Independent Project Managers, we act with integrity in every decision we make. We respect and value the opinions of our colleagues and Clients. Our belief is that only through operating in a fully transparent manner can we achieve success for both the Client and the Company.


Sharing knowledge and working together is the key to success for both the Client and the Company. The foundation of Tramuntana Yacht Management success is built on nurturing relationships and partnerships across the team. Knowing the precise local contractors and worldwide dealers is what makes the diference.

Customer Focus

Customer satisfaction is what drives our ambition of delivering a high quality service. A steadfast commitment to delivering the best for our customers is what resonates throughout Tramuntana Yacht Management.