Recent Refits

Winter 2018 – SY PALMIRA

We are managing the winter refit of SY PALMIRA (ex SALPERTON IV). She is a 45m Dubois design built at Fitzroy Yachts, in New Zealand.

It has been 2 months since the yacht arrived at STP for an extensive refit, including her Lloyds 10-year Surveys.

The worklist is extensive, with around 500 different works including 35 contractors.

A pre refit Sea trial was performed, which included a noise & vibration analysis, main engine and exhaust measurements along with alignment readings and rig assessment. These trials and checks are essential before and after the refit.

The refit quoting system is intense, we are requesting and studying numerous quotations from different contractors for each job. Our aim is to find the right solution for every work and reduce the cost of the project for our client.

Technical, commercial and quality bid evaluations are carried out for each scope of work, ensuring that the most suitable contractor is chosen based on the requirements of the task at hand and the owners specifications.

We are organizing and supervising all contractors along with an extensive financial control of the project: quotes, invoices, payments, cash flow and budget.

The client has requested numerous modifications and the condition of the yacht to be perfect and ready for the charter Caribbean season.

These are some of the works on SY PALMIRA:

  • Lloyds 10 year survey. BARCO is undertaking all mechanical works
  • Mast and rigging full service and paint
  • AV renewal
  • Electronics and navigation upgrade
  • Carpentry and upholstery works
  • Hydraulics and pneumatics service
  • Blasting of tanks and lockers and thrusters
  • Service of all motors, pumps, PTOs, VPP
  • Main engine and Generators service
  • AC and refrigeration service
  • Paint works

SY PALMIRA departed for the Caribbean in January 2019. Our purpose to finish all works in time and within the budget was acomplished. Another succesful refit and happy customer.


We recently managed the refit of MY ALWAYS BELIEVE. Two new GRP Hard tops were designed by BYD Group. Moulds and hard tops were constructed and installed onboard. The flybridge deck was reinforced following Class rules. Stainless steel pillars were designed and installed to hold the 2 new Hard Tops.

For this refit, 7 contractors were involved:

      • Design and Engineering office (BYD Group)
      • Mould construction
      • Hard tops’ construction
      • Metal works (columns, deck backing plates)
      • Carpentry works (coaming around pillars)
      • Electrician to install 17 lights on the new ceilings
      • Upholster for the ceiling panels

We coordinated these companies guaranteeing a quality finished product in time and on budget.

Other refit and maintenance works onboard MY ALWAYS BELIEVE were supervised, including the RINA 10 year Special Survey:

  • Propellers and shafts removal and reinstallation
  • Shaft seals and bearings renewal
  • Shafts alignment
  • NDTs
  • Propellers dynamic balance
  • Rudder and bearing clearances
  • Hull and Valves inspection
  • Tanks inspection
  • Engines and Generators inspection